July 16, 2018

Today, I lost my boyfriend, and my used-to-be best guy friend.
He let me go. He has found his happiness anyway.

I didn't try hard enough I guess, or I'm not patient enough.

If suicide is legal in my religion, I might have done it to take this pain away. All at once.

All I ask was love and attention, but I guess that's too much for him to handle.
I was hoping that he'll choose me over her, because I thought that he knew that I knew him well. But I guess that there are other people that understand him more than I do.
I was hoping that he'll turn back and run to me, hug me and say 'lets work this out, because I still love you'. But I guess the chasing phase is no longer active.

It is officially over now.

June 2, 2018

If I die before I could start my own family, I hope that you'll visit my grave and pray for me.

That is all that I would like to ask.

June 1, 2018

The closure; from my point of view

Heart beats fast
Colours and promises
You let me in for one more time. And I think this will be my final chance.
How to be brave
How can I love when I'm afraid to fall

No words could describe my happiness as you talked to me again. I've been reminiscing our good old times since the day we parted away. And my heart ached every single time.
One step closer
'Why did you call?'
I was caught off guard. My hopes for us to work out for one last time had broken into pieces. Little did I know that I'm exposing my heart to be hurt for one more time.
I misunderstood the 'lets be friends once again'.
I guess that had answered the misery that I've been having all these while.
I need to have a solid reason in order for me to contact you. You won't do our normal small talks anymore. And I don't think you would lend a shoulder for me to cry on as before.
I've been outranked, and I learnt it in a hard way.
This is it. I guess this is our final goodbye, or maybe this is my final goodbye. I don't think that I can handle our goodbye this time, so I hope you'll let me disappear.

I have died everyday, waiting for you
Darling, don't be afraid
I have loved you for a thousand years
And I'll love you for a thousand more.

Dear heart, I hope you do know when to stop. Because I don't.
Bring me back to 2015; when I had it all.

May 25, 2018

A stone, with marshmallow filling in it

I'm a few months away before turning 23, and I think 20s is a weird phase.

My enthusiasm can be so high in the things that I am involving in at one time, and at some other points, I could feel so low. A few years of living in the life of 20s, I personally think that I have slowly discovered myself, as in who am I, or what am I.


I believe that I am a flexible person, as I am ready to react to changes in a short period of time (I might be bebel-ing and what not, but hey, the main point is to resolve it, isn't it?). I've started to understand that I can't just stick with 1 plan only because life is full of shits and uncertainties. You can think that you are well-prepared beforehand and things are going to be as what you've planned, and then all of sudden bammmmmm a bomb is dropped in your way. This is why I've started to embed in my head that I can begin with Plan A, but I have to bear in mind that I need Plan B, C, D, etc in the case of anything happened along the way. We have 26 alphabets in this world anyway, so I think there's no harm to have 26 plans, isn't it?

As the time passed, I could see myself as a person with passion. I always look forward to learn new things (maybe this is the reason why I've been participating in various kind of events) and develop myself. For example, I've always been doubting myself with my communications skills. I usually have this one thought that I could not speak comfortably or confidently with people, especially with the new ones that I met during social gatherings, etc. Or lose all the vocabularies in my stock as I discuss or 'negotiate' with people. But then, somewhere along the way, another thought came into my mind; do I really need to possess all information or knowledge to overcome this kind of fear? Yes, some people are like walking-encyclopedia; they know every single thing that is happening in this world. So what if I'm not one of those? I could just ask them to explain things that I'm not familiar with, and most of them are happy to do it (although some people judge me for not having such knowledge, but I'm like whatever, can you just tell me? -.-). So yeah, that is how I grow my passion and develop myself by pushing away all the negativity.


Despite being so matured as what I've explained above, there are moments that I feel as if I'm crashed onto the ground.

Have you ever feel that you want to stop walking and have a break?
Or maybe, all of sudden, you just fall to the ground and you don't want to move, and wait for someone to pick you up?

These are what I meant as those moments.

I fully understand that I have entered the 'grown-up' zone.
But then, is it wrong for me to be a 'little girl' once in a while?

Do you remember that I've told you that there are the possibilities of Plan A might not work, and you've to work with Plan B, C, D, etc? I can face such challenges with all my might, but still, there are times that you feel as if you are doubting yourself as you start with Plan C. It's like 'why? why can't it be right?', or 'will it work?', something like that.

And then, I'll start to cry, silently. Sobbing alone, as I'm too afraid to tell anyone.
I always have this thought of not wanting to trouble people with my problem, as I know how it feels when you can't really offer any help except for a shoulder for the person to cry on.
And I would never want those who depend on me to lose hope, just like what I've almost did.

So, I guess crying is the only solution.

Call me cengeng, or a crybaby. But this is how I personally deal with these unwelcome situations. I felt a lot better after crying (well, most of the time hahahaha..) and there are times that I could think of a solution after all those tears. It's funny, isn't it? Hahaha..

I have no idea if this 'crying' thingy is a phase of my life, but I noticed this since my years in high school.


I have a long way to go before I reach my big Three-Oh. And I have no idea how my life would be till I reach that age. I do have a timeframe of what should I be doing at a certain age, but let see what bomb will be dropped in my pathway. Hopefully, I could breakthrough it, regardless of in a fast pace or as slow as a snail LOL!

Today, I discovered another method of how I deal with my shits; washing the dishes while sobbing hahahahaha..
I bet my mom, or anyone else, won't mind me crying all day long if that is how I deal with it LOL!

May 16, 2018

Volunteering - How did I start?

I've been volunteering since 2013, and I have no idea that it would take me this far back then.

I think I should write this out since I've been involved in it for a quite some time.

(I'm taking you back to 2013 - I'm a virtual time machine eheh eheh jk gosh such a lame joke made by me)

SPM was over, and I had my braces fixed on my teeth. December 2012 had almost came to its ending, and my family had been bugging me to move my ass and do something that can worth my time apart from scrolling social medias and watching tv and eating and sleeping each day.

So, I started to think if I should work. 

7 Eleven? Mannnnn, the working hours is crazy. It's a 24-hour convenience store, there's no way for me to escape if they want me to work in the middle of the night. Tetttttttt, lets look for something else.

Book store? Well that is kind of nice. I'm really into books, so why not eyy?

But then, I saw some posts in Facebook and Twitter that a few of my friends had joined Petrosains in KLCC as a volunteer. I was like, volunteer? Okayyyyy..... It looks cool as they were involved in some fun events. Science centre huh? Never thought of it before.

Without hesitation, I sent an application to Petrosains. And I waited.
(I don't know if I'm really hoping for them to accept me, but I sent the application twice hahahaha first is via email and the second one is through postage. My goodness, what was I thinking ahahaha)


A few days after the closing date to send the application form, I got a call from the Volunteer Management Unit (VMU) of Petrosains.


OMG OMG OMG OMG !!!!!!! 
(Girlish I knowwww, but this was me back in 2013, forgive my childishness eheh eheh..)

It was my first interview ever. Got my clothes to be ironed reallllly early, and I think I could not really sleep during the night before the interview because I was so excited.


Ma, pa and adik accompanied me till the lobby of Petrosains. I kinda freaked out, but this is it. Now or never. I stepped in and tried to chill.

The interview session was in a group of 4. My group consisted of 4 young women; 2 are university students and another 1 is in the same age as me (she's from Aminuddin Baki walawehhhh). We exchanged smiles and handshakes (I swear they are nice, like nice nice, not the seem-nice type, gettit? hahaha), and we waited for our group to be called into the interview room.

As we were called into the room, there were 2 interviewers. It's abg Naz; the head of VMU, and kak Izzi, his assistant (not so sure of her designation, but yeah she's there to help abg Naz haha).

The first question was about ourselves. And the 3 ladies killed it, I swear. Athirah with her life in UTP, Anisa talked so well as she was a debater, and Amnah sang as she was in her school's choir team and mannn her voice is so damnnn good. And there I was, selling myself as the captain of my school's girl rugby team. The least that I could do to stand at par as them hahaha..

Little did I know, abg Naz was interested with it. He asked me if I could help to execute the game for Petrosains's staffs and volunteers, for an instance, sports day or something. I chuckled, and said yes. And of course, I explained how did touch-footy worked as they were only aware of rugby tackle that was mainly majored by men.

The interview session continued with a task; each one of us was asked to pick a stuff that they've prepared and given with a situation based on the stuff that we've picked.

I chose a tennis ball, and the interviewers asked me to explain about the earth and imagined that my audience are kindergarten children. I was like whaaaaat (in my heart of course haha) and they only gave me about 60 seconds to plan and prepare on what to say. Guess what, I had no idea of how can I think of this, but I explained the earth to them with something like this:

"Hi adik-adik, welcome to Fun Science! Today, we will be learning about the earth.
Do you know that the earth is made up of a few layers?"

Then suddenly, someone in the room yelled, "YESSSS!"
And I think it was Nisa.

I laughed a bit, as I did not expect that, but I played along:
"Yes, you're so clever. How many layers are there?"

"4!!" another person answered my question. Wow, okay I guess this is a good start, isn't it?

I continued, and relate the earth with kek lapis (facepalm). Why? Because the earth is berlapis-lapis, and kek lapis seemed like a right thing to be relate with. (Note: Ramizah is lame . )

As my 'little show' ended, I received a round of applause from them. I swear that this is the least thing that I imagined of how an interview session would be.

I repaid Nisa's help by answering to her question as well, and guess what did she said as my answer was correct:
"10 points for Gryffindor!"
And everyone in the room laughed.


Oh there was another thing that I could not forget of the interview session.

It was my handwriting. Do you recall that I sent the application twice, and 1 of it is via postage?

That is how they could see my handwriting. Abg Naz asked if the physical application was filled in the PDF. I said no, and told him that I wrote it myself. The interviewers' face expression were priceless. They even asked me to write in front of them as they were so amazed of my handwriting (I think hahaha). Who knew that I've impressed them before the interview session itself hahaha..


2 days after the interview session, I received a call again from VMU.

They accepted me as a volunteer, and my next stop would be the Volunteers Orientation Programme.

An old photo; we're on the Skybridge of Petronas Twin Towers on the last day of the Volunteers Orientation Programme

And that is how my whole new adventure in volunteering started. 

Random, but it was a meaningful start as I did not plan it to happen in my life. And I glad that it happened because I am who I am now due to that random application that I sent back in the late December 2012.

It has been a while since my last post here. Maybe this could be a reason for me to write again hahaha!
(HINT: There are more parts coming! Stay tune, reader(s) hahahahaha)

May 14, 2018

I had a 4-day revision classes, and I was ill the whole time. My friends took care of me throughout the classes, but then, they would like to spend some time at the mall after class on the final day. I didn't want to spoil it, so we parted as I'm heading home.

Little did I know, you waited for me at the train station and accompanied me all the way to the station that my parents will be picking me up. You even brought an isotonic drink and some food, but my health had took away my desire to eat.


We're on our way home, and an email came into my phone.

It was the acceptance letter from BPP University, and I was too weak to hold my tears.

Our lines were different, but you chose to accompany me to my destination.

And before I depart from the coach, you gave me your sweater and said, 'Please stop crying, nanti orang ingat saya buat jahat kat awak'.


May 13, 2018

The nth time, or closure?

I have 1 wish.

And that is for you to say that you love me, if you really mean it. And end this misery that I'm having since the day I've started to have trust issues in us.

If you can't say it, then let me go. Let me go for now at least.

I could bear it all these while, but I might not able to bear it anymore soon.

September 21, 2017

I still remember our first date.

I was so nervous, but masa tu we were not that lovey dovey ke apa kan. K la lets not call it our first date. It was the first time that we met after more than a year of not seeing each other.

We went to a book fest?! Lol! How nerd.. But still, we chatted between the rows of books. I'm with vampires and some motivational books, and you're with some mystery books if I'm not mistaken.

Our first eating spot was a mamak restaurant. Cheapskate gila ya ampun hahahaha tapi tu la dua dua lapar and The Mines was so packed with people. We went outside instead, hence the mamak it was. K tak cheapskate gak la, you paid for both meals; mine and yours. Lol so gentleman of you *smirk*.

I remembered that I ordered maggi goreng, and me being nervous and shit, I couldn't finish my meal (dalam hati cakap 'mesti mat ni judge aku sejenis yang membazir when in reality aku la si pelahap wahahaha'). But yet, you just smiled and asked me if I'm ready to head home, without saying anything about the unfinished food (ceh tunjuk baik la tu konon lol k tak dia baik k sampai sekarang still baik hahaha).

Being 19 years old, we were not pampered with cars by our families (andddddd I didn't have my licence yet anyway *rolled eyes*) so we took public transport. Again, being such a gentleman, he accompanied me all the way to TBS. It was almost 6 if I'm not mistaken (or around that hour). Then only he said that he had promised his friends (who were actually somewhere closed to us) that he'll be heading back to his hostel with them and at that moment they are on their way to TBS.

It was a hard goodbye, because we didn't know when will be the next time that we'll see each other.


Today is the 22nd day of September in 2017, and he turns 22 today.

Yesterday was the nth time of our random dates, and I bet he's glad that I didn't cancel it like I always did before lol! In fact, he had to wait for me to finish attending to emails and stuffs for my upcoming event. He sat patiently in front of me, behind my laptop's screen. It was about half an hour, and as I shut down my laptop, I could see his smile. A broad, cheeky smile.

He must be so hungry. As I looked at the time, it was half past 1. Lunch time was about to over.
Dating me is not easy eyy? 
Well dating you is not easy too *smirk*, so lets not talk about it shall we?

Nothing in the mall came to his interest in order for us to fill our tummies, so we moved to the next mall and had 3 plates of main dish on our table.

Writing has been our forté, but seeing each other eye to eye while talking is wayyyyy more different than Whatsapp. Maybe because it summed up emotions, body language, gestures and many more with the stories/messages that we're telling each other, so it lifted up the mood to another higher level. And it is a lot more better with food that came along (read: fatty couple).

From my Pahang short trip to his plan for his final year project, then to his technical stuffs and my upcoming events. There's a lot more, and they all fit in those 2 hours. Padat.

This time around we realised that it's not about how special our birthday celebrations should be, because our friends and families had done a splendid job in it. But our time together is more valuable, regardless of surprise or no surprise in celebrating our special days because our time is limited.
In the end, we shared the joy that our families and friends had brought to us.


I am thankful that he understands when I choose my family and friends before him, when workloads overlapped our dates, when my endless exams are around the corner during his semester breaks. Yes, there has been times that it seems like everything is before him and he almost walk away, but I guess blank spaces between us can't be left for too long (ye ye je kau eh tapi betul la dia mai balik haha thank youuu).

Dear you, lets finish up with what we're going through right now (complaints are allowed no worries but still, keep going ehh), making our parents happy and proud.

Happy 22nd Birthday!

November 30, 2016

"From appreciation grew to respect.
Respect grew to like.
Then like grew to love.

A deeper love than I could ever hope for.

Give him a chance.

Maybe you don't like him now, but maybe you might love him later."

- Mary's Dad, The Wedding Planner (2001)

November 3, 2016

Meet my Nyet

Let me introduce you to my best friend; Aliah the Awesome (yes she called herself that lololollll jk she is awesome).

If you've known me through college, then you must recognise her as she is like my ultimate sidekick. We're only separated lately as erm erm our paths are different? Hahahahah nahhh not really much different actually, it's just that each of us has our own pace.

Since the first day we met, we never talk about graduating together, or what to do next in the future (except I did applied to be her housemate kakakakakakakaka but she always said that she needs to think about it first hewhew how dare you?!!). I guess that's because we're living the moment? Hahahaha!

But, when it comes to the day that our results for the final semester of CAT came out, it hit me hard. Like real hard. Why? Because we've been together for about 1 and a half years but when she's stucked there, I had to move on by myself. That is when I started to regret that we didn't talk about that dream of ours to finish this together.

She insisted me to move on with ACCA, but that doesn't mean I'm leaving her just like that. I am a terrible teacher I must say, but I still helped her with my notes and encouragement (although that means tears involved too hahaha you'll never want to know about it).

And now, she's here. We're back together now, and going through the same path.

Aliah, we have different pace but the same goal, so keep on going. I'll keep on pulling you forward so that both of us can make through this. I love you, buddy.

May 31, 2016

Let me inspire you, soon

I was touched by Faizal Tahir's performance in AJL 30. It was an everyday-song I should say, a norm to hear it on the radio. But, he'd brought something different on stage that night.

(I'm supposed to study for my finals LOLOLOLOLLLLLL....)


Aku sebak. Like totally sebak. And from this performance I was dragged to another video of the same song, but this time he sang it for the Syrian refugees. Towards the end, one of the children suddenly cried. Faizal Tahir sang a Malay song (I'm pretty sure that is the first time they heard it), yet it touched the child's heart. And it touched mine as well. Bergenang woiiiii..

I've seen him during his past (he's not wild or what not, but I think you can imagine how an adult behaves in his early years of adulthood), and seeing him involving in this kind of mission makes me think why can't I do something like that.

In fact, I met Ida yesterday. She's my some sort of 'supervisor' during my 6 months in Petro. Apparently she had quit her job as a science communicator, and now is serving MERCY Malaysia. She'd always been a hero that saves animals, and now she involves in saving human's life.

I guess it's time to realise that it is not about money berkepuk-kepuk after all. How should I start then?

April 19, 2016

'Aku ni random kan'

Yes, sampai ke akhir hayat. Kau pergi pun random jugak. Why didn't we see the signs that you gave haih..

Semalam on the way balik, aku linkkan all the things that happened these past few months. Kau ajak kitorang pergi picnic, endless wayang, makan sana sini and karaoke some more. It's like every single week, mesti ada kita outing mana-mana. Cuma satu je kita tak dapat nak pi, Sungai Kemensah. Pernah terdetik dalam fikiran aku, tak penat ke minah ni hahaha.. Tapi, I never had the guts to say no to you. 

I've known you since January 2014, and kita betul-betul rapat last year, as we were the only one yang sambung ACCA right after CAT, together with Zuza and Alwani and a few others. Randomly buat plan weekend getaway by going to Melaka.

But this year, it seems as kita makin rapat. Padahal kau dah bawak kereta since last year kot.

Maafkan aku sebab tak call kau balik lepas line putus.

Tapi aku bersyukur, dalam hari-hari terakhir kau atas muka bumi ni, sempat lagi kau call kitorang. I'm glad that among all the things that started to part away from your memory, we were not one of those. Siap spam lagi kat group yang kau buat untuk kita berlima dengan benda-benda yang kau kirim dari Cameron Highlands. And 'jagung manis' was your final 2 words for us. Seriously weh hahahaha can't it be something better?

Raihan, kami minta maaf tak dapat tunggu kau sampai kau dikebumikan. Tapi, kau tengok tak ramai yang datang melawat kau semalam? Kau kata takde orang sayang kau kan hahahahaha.. Ramai weh, ramai yang sayang kau. 

You know what, Luqman ada mintak gambar kau sebab nak post kat FB APROS. Bila kitorang scroll gallery, muka kau mostly mengundang dan bersama food hahahaha.. Ada la satu dua yang decent, tapi yang lain tu ya Rabbiiii....

I still remember that moment I was suspected to have dengue. Kau bagi aku makan ramen. Sengal tahu tak hahahahaha dah la aku demam. Tapi masa kau sakit kepala, aku tak mampu nak buat apa sangat. Aku mampu picit je.

Last week was like a trial session for us. Kau tak datang kelas, and biar aku ngan Jir duduk berdua. Kitorang makan berempat. And today, we felt just like last week, as if you're still alive.

I lost a good friend of mine.

Raihan Farhana, I love you. I love you. I love you. Thank you for all the memories. Our prayers will always be with you my dear.

Up to this moment, we miss you so much. We've done almost everything with you. And everywhere.

Take care Rai. Muncul dalam mimpi kitorang bila-bila?

Al Fatihah

Raihan Farhana binti Hj. Abu Samah
13 June 1995 - 18 April 2016

April 17, 2016

Part of the journey to success

Since day 1 of CAT and ACCA, this is my very first time of failing any paper. Yes, I failed. Not one, but two.

It hurts. It hurts a lot. My plans were screwed up, my parents were disappointed (they didn't say it, but I knew they were), my lecturer moved to another institution, and I'm lost. Totally lost for the first few days. In fact, I've been trying so hard to not blaming Him.

I don't know if I'm the one who's unlucky or December 2015 exam had been so hard on us, but my friends screwed up too. 

I could still remember that moment when we opened our email together. Jir, Rai and I had F9 class that morning, Zu and Aliah waited for us for our next class at 11. Normally results were out around 8 in the morning, but it delayed at that particular time. I'm not so sure if my mind was with the lecture, because I kept on refreshing my phone. I gave up at 9, and decided to keep my phone in my bag. As soon as F9 class had finished, we met at Family Issues class. I thinked Jir opened her email first, she passed F7 but failed F5. Rai and me failed both. Zu passed F4, but not F5 and F6.

My heart sank, and I'm clueless on what should I do next. I had no mood for the next class (the semester had just started anyway), so all of us decided to lepak at our usual makan place. As I sent a Whatsapp message to my lecturer, I started to cry.

My dream to fly abroad had been washed away. And now, this. BOOHOO!!

So, I then decided to repeat one of the papers in March 2016, so did Zu and Rai. However, Jir planned to repeat F5 in December 2016, so did Zu and Rai. I don't think I could cover F7 in a month time, in fact my F5 was nearing to the passing mark. Therefore, I moved on to repeat F5. Alone.

I've got myself mentally ready and keep on practicing the questions. I worked on the concept and theory part more as that was where I think I screwed up.

It was only a few days left when a lecturer condemned those who took the March paper. He said we're being fool enough to fail the previous sitting, and now we're making a silly decision by repeating a 6-month preparation in less than 2 months. I had worked so hard to keep a positive mindset that I'll pass this sitting, as well as coping with F8 and F9 classes. And yet he simply crushed me into pieces. I was supposed to go back with Rai, but I could not stop myself from breaking into tears any longer. I went for Asar prayer, and cried my heart out.

I promised to myself that I'll pass this sitting no matter. I wanted to show him that I'm not like what he'd thought.

Alhamdulillah I have Him with me all the way. He had made things easy (easy as in I'm relaxed throughout the 3 hours of examination) for me. In fact, my feelings was different compared to last sitting.

Result Day

I went to an Orang Asli village in Mendrod, Gua Musang for a community service together with my classmates since last Friday. We arrived in KL around 10+ at night, and it was very tiring. Nonetheless, it was fun though (despite the misundersanding part, well that's a norm right?). Too bad Rai couldn't join as well.

I was supposed to go to college as I had class at 9 this morning, but I'm tooooooo tired.

And guess what? This was what I saw as I checked my phone.

It's EARLIERRRRRRR than it should be. 

But seeing this as I hit the email notification (I was being very dramatic LOL covering the bottom part as I was too scared so I wanted to read it slowly),


Maybe He wants me to pray harder.
Maybe He wants me to work harder.
Maybe He wans me to focus more.

Syukran Ya ALLAH!

p/s: I hope they pass too!

March 20, 2016

al Fath

Sebelum ni saya tahu surah ni sebab nama awak.

And I barely know that surah al-Fath boleh bagi kemudahan untuk belajar, until I read it somewhere recently. That is how powerful is your name.

You are definitely a great guy. I believe there's some strength hidden within you. Keep on believing in yourself! Moga awak jadi yang terbaik, as always.

February 24, 2016

25th ♡

Every couple has their own story, including my parents.

The way it starts, the lovey-dovey part, all the crisis (don't deny it! You do know it did happened..), and how they manage to hold each other firmly up to this day. Not to forget their cheekiness, lazy days and also when they are so energetic as if they're high on sugar LOL

There are many power couples out there, but my favourite remains my parents at all time. Their love-hate relationship captures my heart, especially when they put their disagreement aside to ensure we're at ease.

Ma & pa, keep on loving each other. A few years more, and we'll be serving you as the ultimate king and queen.

February 9, 2016

Visit Malaysia #6: Kuala Lumpur under the blue sky

Another random photowalk with the E and a new friend. Super random, and to be honest, it's our first time of shooting together. We went around Kuala Lumpur to explore the great places for photo shoots.

Here are my partners for the day:
ZUL, this apek-face is my partner in handling the batch during F5
NAZMI, a good friend of mine since F4
Presentingggggg, the talents of the day:
ALYA, this chatterbox has just came from Brisbane
ZUBAIR, Nazmi's friend which is now our new friend
Here are the places that we've discovered:

The top floor was empty as it was a public holiday, so I'm not really sure about the normal days. At 12 in the afternoon, the view is so greaaaaattttttt with the perfect lighting from the sun (yes, it was freaaaakingggg hot too but for the sake of great photos we put that fact aside).

To get here, from the KLCC park (fountain is on your left and KLCC shopping complex is in on the front side), turn to the left and walk along the sidewalk. You'll pass Masjid as Syakirin (right hand side), and you'll see a 4-storey of parking complex across the road.
The skyline 
The buildings:

Them, in action:

Dah boleh jadi iklan drama

There are a few platforms there, and the middle ones are used for boarding. We took pictures at the other side (beside the road) of the platform which we believe is the side of the office. Some pedestrians used it to walk across the station too.
The KTM KL station
You have to take the Kelana Jaya line LRT and stop at Pasar Seni Station. As you walked out of the station, there is a bridge connected to the KTM station opposite some small shops. 
The old train

The walls are old school:

OOTD in the making
Single perspective
3. Sultan Abdul Samad Building
A very famous building in KL, and it was named after Sultan Selangor in 1890s. This remarkable building was built for administrative purposes before the function is moved to Shah Alam. It was now turned into museums and some other tourism venues.

Helping out a tourist to find her ways in KL
This building can be easily found as you stop at Masjid Jamek LRT station. With the mosque at your left, walk along the sidewalk and the building will be on your left.

Boys are being boys
4. Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square)
You can easily locate it which is right the opposite of Sultan Abdul Samad's Building. Another hotspot for the tourists, and also a great place to lepak and sembang with friends.

It's almost 6, and we're exhausted from all the walking and laughing. So, we took a few shots as the evening light was soooo awesome, and sat on the grass to enjoy the view.

Well, that's all for now. There's a lot more to be discovered, wait till the next post!

February 2, 2016


Who says relationship is easy? It's not easy I tell you, especially with work piling up and limited time available for each other.

And yet, as we get to spend the time together, we'll talk endlessly. That's for sure.

Small fights are normal for us hahaha.. But we'll be fine the very next day. You might judge us, but who can stay away from their best bud for a long time? Well at least I don't.

During one of the 'small fights', I came across with this song. Up till now, each time it happens, I'll listen to this. Imagine if you sing it, woah!

You gotta go and get angry at all of my honesty
You know I try but I don't do too well with apologies
I hope I don't run out of time. Could someone call a referee?
'Cause I just need one more shot at forgiveness

I know you know that I made those mistakes maybe once or twice
And by once or twice I mean maybe a couple of hundred times
So let me, oh, let me redeem, oh, redeem, oh, myself tonight
'Cause I just need one more shot, second chances

Is it too late now to say sorry?
'Cause I'm missing more than just your body, oh
Is it too late now to say sorry?
Yeah, I know-oh-oh, that I let you down
Is it too late to say I'm sorry now?

I'm sorry yeah
Sorry yeah
Yeah, I know that I let you down
Is it too late to say I'm sorry now?

I'll take every single piece of the blame if you want me to
But you know that there is no innocent one in this game for two
I'll go, I'll go and then you go, you go out and spill the truth
Can we both say the words, say, forget this?

Can we both say sorry, and forget this? Exactly. That's what keep us strong till now.

In case you didn't know, I'll fall for notes like this.
p/s: 143

January 3, 2016

December 10, 2015

Robe Day

It has been 2 weeks since my graduation, and I've finished CAT in December 2014 (yup, it is almost a year already LOLOLLLL). And this late post is due to my final exam that has just finished yesterday (DON'T YOU DARE TO SPOIL MY HOLIDAY BY ASKING HOW WAS IT HOHOHO), mianhe!

Honestly, I did not feel the heat of graduating, even when the invitation letter came into my family's mailbox. It was my parents that were so excited about it, asking me about what to wear, or have I paid for the graduation pack already, and chanting about it for weeks. I guess it is because the finals is just around the corner (can you imagine? Exactly a week after graduation, that's crazy!), so I don't really bother about it.

It remains that way until the day itself, as I woke up that morning, and looked at my baju kurung. It's a mix of white, black and copper brown, with orange as the theme colour. Then I took a look at my robe, I've ironed it last night together with the orange hood (it's the colour of my faculty).

'Okay, it's today,' I murmured to myself.

I got up, showered, and did my Subuh prayer. My family was getting themself ready too. I slipped into my clothes, and all of sudden, I could feel it.

We reached PICC around 7.20, and I was supposed to be at Level 2 at 7.15. I simply took the lift (it was reserved for the VIPs, but who cares, the VIPs were not here yet), as I know it would take me a lot of time as I was wearing heels. Yes, I repeat, HEELS.
Too excited LOL
As I reached Level 2, I saw my friends and they were so busy working on the hood. And taking pictures hahaha
Then, the ceremony began, we're the first session for the graduation.
Forgive my Abang for the shakiness haha

My hands were all sweaty before I got on stage. Miss DD was there, guiding us, and she patted my shoulder and said that everything will be fine.

Perfect timing by Abang
Say hello to the Minister 
I nailed it! Great shot by the official photographer woohoo
I guess the main reason I was not really into celebrating my graduation is because I was expecting Ma will be on stage on behalf of me. That was my dream since the result for CAT Semester 1 had been released in August 2013. I could not fulfill my own dream.

HAAAAAA curi bunga kitaaaaaaaa
But as my parents were really excited about it, especially Pa, the pain healed. I was so glad that Pa was happy, really happy I could say. It went the same for the rest of my family.

My strength, my happiness, my everything
Well, I ain't going to stop. ACCA, here I come.