March 15, 2011


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Her words, hahahhahahaa.. It make me feel like I want to cry. Yeah, I admit that I've done a lot of mistakes towards her. But still, dia mengaku that I'm her BESTFRIEND! Ohh, I could hardly find any words to describe how did I feel as I read her thoughts towards me. She's like tak ingat langsung about the things I've done. Prank her, tease her. 

Hmmmhh, but we do share lots of things together, laugh, tears, stories, gossips, jokes, her hambar-ness, her boy-stuff and lots more. Plus, we love to mengharubirukan lyrics hahahhahaha..

I'm proud to be one of your babes, darl..

**you are my best-crazy-buddy =D

There is only one thing that I can say here my dearest Alya Farhanah, I'M TOUCHED! Really, really touched..