July 28, 2013

July 28th, I was born on this day. 

Pa and Ma, without both of you I won't be existing on this planet earth. And without me, you won't have the chance to know how mess a girl's life is haha. Thank you Pa and Ma. Abang and Adik, thanks for staying with this weird Kakak of yours, thank you for all the loves and hopes. 

And from different wombs, I share the same date with another two great people.

Nasri; the Einstein guy, which I've stucked to him since Form 1. I don't know whether it is lucky or not for him to have me in his class for five years in a row. But you're sure a great buddy. At times you would sit and chat, at times we don't even smile at each other. Hahahh. But you're surely a great sifu, thanks bro. 

Farah, though we just knew each other, I could feel the beauty of the bond between us. I might be sarcastic and insane at the same time, but you stay, and I'm glad you did. Thanks for these past few weeks, and I'm praying that the upcoming days would be fill with more laugh and joy. 

Love you both, no doubt. 

To family and friends, thank you for the wishes, songs, gifts, words and many others. Thanks for making it as another great birthday of mine.

And this, haha. This is totally out of mind I have to say. But by knowing you guys, it was not impossible though haha.

It's not funny okay by getting the Pizza Hut's crew together and did this Glee-like thing. Anyway, thank you yolleyy, I did have a blast yaa know, haha.

July 27, 2013

I just miss every single piece of my dearest Eminent. Sincerely, your one and only Yo.

It sure has been a while since my final post. Life is getting busier, I've started with the classes, assignments, discussions and stuffs. So yeah, here I am.

Lately there were quite a lot of posts on Eminent, either on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social network. And I must say that I am not excepted.

Gilaa apa tak rindu budak-budak ni, lima tahun membesar. Dari tak kenal apa sampai la dah hafal cara hidup masing-masing.

Bila ramai-ramai cerita kawan course dah tak sekepala macam Eminent, atau lebih senang nak cakap susah nak jumpa yang macam Eminent, gentle aku nak menangis. Tapi tu ah, sebak tu takat sampai kat hati, tak mampu nak luahkan. Susah senang, pahit manis, sakit bangkit. We're there for each other, each and every single one of us, no exception.

That day lepak dengan Mang dekat padang Wembley lepas habis Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang, dua-dua tak cakap apa. Pandang padang tu lelama, tenung sejauh mungkin. Padang Oasis yang baru nak naik tu pun ditenung gak.

'Mieja, kau rasa lama tak lima tahun?'

'Sekejap doe.'

'Kan. Hmhh.'

'Mana Ad? Nak pintu masa dari poket dia boleh?'

'Tak lawak doe -.- hahahh.'

'Aku rindu Eminent.'

'Now, forever and will always be.'

Brothers and sisters, just stay strong. Be tough. Remember every single piece about us.

Ya Allah peliharalah ukhwah ini Ya Allah, satukanlah hati-hati ini Ya Allah. Amin amin ya Rabbal 'alamin.