December 19, 2013

Adam di hari Jumaat

Bila tengok kaum Adam berjalan kaki pergi solat Jumaat, tak pun yang baru keluar dari kereta, ataupun naik motor, I couldn't help myself from smiling. Entah. Orang kata apa, sejuk mata memandang eh? Sort of la, that kind of feeling. Lagi-lagi bila tengok depa ni berjalan beramai-ramai, siap ada yang berkain pelikat, berkopiah. Bertepuk tampar, bergelak ketawa.

I don't know why, but the view is so amazing. And I do think the words could never describe what I've been seeing.

Syukur, mereka masih berada di landasan yang benar. Masih punya cahaya dalam hati mereka.

Harapnya bukan solat Jumaat sahaja yang dititikberatkan sebegini gaya. Dan harapnya bukan solat Jumaat sahaja yang mereka gembira sekali untuk turut serta.

Hustle, I guess

Currently I'm being surrounded by those who involved in the science stream. And as I watched their workpiece, there's a tiny little feeling of regret. Hahaha, I should not be saying this after what I have let myself getting immersed in within this almost one-year time. But yeah, I couldn't help myself though.

The main reason of not getting my head in this line is because I could not bear anymore ache in the head. To be honest it is not what I'm learning that cause me all the pain, I love what I've been taught. It's just that I could not stand myself to undergo more and more failures in the exams and courseworks. SPM is enough said, I suck all the way till the end. I managed to score, but in a very painful and mental-destruction path. I could bear no more. I just can't. I just don't have the strength anymore, I've used them all up for that one last show of mine.

Tapi tu ah. Suka tengok those people that are putting their minds, hearts and soul in this stream.

The way they explain stuffs scientifically. Or should I say when they relate all the things that are happening around us to the science behind it, which is actually antara sedar ataupun tak. Benda yang kecil selalunya kita tak terfikir pun ia boleh memberikan impak yang begitu besar, that's what actually happened to me and who knows it had made me fall in love again with science.

And the way they handle the tools. Gee, it is so cool. Mana ada budak accounting main tools, that's why.

I should never turning back, I know.

It's just that this is what I've always think about. The dillema of mine I should say. A never ended dillema. Hmm.