October 9, 2014

Little things

'Weh, keluar sat. Ada barang aku nak bagi, tapi aku tak boleh nak bawak masuk library.'

Wa tengah discussion, delay sat nak keluar, padahal berapa kali dah 'K weh aku nak keluar jap' tapi sambung drag bincang. Sampai la si ucu masuk dalam library, tunggu kat sebelah meja. Haha sabo je la budak sore ni.

'Jom, aku settle dah ni.'

Ucu buka locker, dan tarik keluar plastik merah.

'Nah. Aku tak mboh mung sedih-sedih doh. I'm not sure which one that you favour, but I hope it heals.'

Sanggup budak ni pergi Jusco demi sepotong kek. Haih hahaha.

I do have weird friends with great hearts.

October 7, 2014

I have this kind of fear; you walked away when I started to fall for you. Once I've fallen for you, it is not easy to reverse the way I feel about you. Cause most of the time, more attractive and good looking person will cross the line and take you from me. And I'm not ready to tear myself, again.

And that is why I've been like this from the start.

October 6, 2014

I keep on having this dream.

Green grass, soft breeze. The smell of wet grass; so fresh. Red and white checkered mat. A basket, with apples and oranges inside. Oh, not to forget, lavenders. On the mat, there are containers with spaghetti and the sauce in it. Yellow plates and white cutleries. 'You' and I, sitting on the mat, facing each other. But I can't see 'you', I'm blinded by the shine of the sun. 'We' laugh, talk and stare at the blue sky.

And it ended there.

The thing is, who is this 'you', and who the hell are 'we'?

Seriously, I've dreamt of 'you' playing guitar before. And now this.

It's either I've read too many novels, or watched too many movies. Or it is about to happen? *shrugged*

Come out, come out, wherever 'you' are.

October 5, 2014

Kita (Prologue)

"El, saya dah nak sampai ni. Are you ready?" tanpa salam, dia terus bertanya sebaik sahaja El menjawab panggilan itu. 'Tak sabar mungkin', getus El sambil tergelak kecil.

"Ya, saya dah siap dah. Nak turun la ni," jawab El.

"Okay, I'll be in front of your house in 5 minutes time," katanya, dan talian dimatikan.

Gambarnya yang telah aku letak sebagai wallpaper handphone membuatkan aku terdiam. Dia sendiri yang menghantar gambar ini, and somehow I just can't stop looking. Something about him, I don't know whether it is his face, his hair, or the way he laughs in this picture. Or maybe I could feel his presence though it is not physically. Now I sound like a girl -.-

'You sure know how to impress me well,' senyumku, lama ku tatap. 'Time flies, people change. And we're unexceptional, aren't we?'