November 1, 2014

Bodoh dan bangang

These two words, they're like the top two words that I use to response to something or describing it.

Dia macam ni la lebih kurang;
X: Weh aku jatuh tergolek tadi kat depan kelas!
Me: Hahahaha bangang la kau, mesti cam nangka busuk. Hahahahaha bodoh gila!!

Well, my 'bodoh bangang' did not mean that I'm laughing at my friend as she gets unlucky by slipping in front of the class. But I'm laughing at her because she's so funny for getting herself so clumsy, and I will miss her for that when she's not around or if we're apart later on.

And another situation;
X: Weh!
Me: Kau nak apa do?

Yes, I did end my sentences with 'do' which is short for bodoh most of the time. That part, I think it is because I'm used to saying it. Yeah I know it's bad but still I can't help it.

And well I usually say that 'bodoh bangang' with my close friends, the ones that I'm comfortable with. It would be soooo awkward to say it to strangers or those that I just know by name. Or even worse if I say it to the elders like my parents, grannies and the others, dia cam gilaa kau, respect mana respect, nak kena piat ke apa?

My bodoh is not bodoh-la-kau-otak-lembab-tak-pandai-nokharom tapi bodoh-la-kau-takde-mesti-nangis-rindu.

And my bangang is not bangang-pebenda-perangai-kau-otak-letak-mana but bangang-la-pebenda-perangai-kau-penat-aku-gelak.