January 18, 2015

A humble 2-cent opinion

Recently I've watched a live singing competition where they've put a few genres on the table. And surprisingly, the winner is not the one that I was expecting, in fact I was in shock and pissed off by the announcement.

Well, it's not that I'm someone who could say much about music as I don't really involve in it, but I do have good ears as an audience.

A singing competition basically is not just about the singer. The music composition and the lyrics have to play their roles as well. How they put the notes together, the pitch, the synchronisation between the rhythm and the words. Therefore, the combination of all those elements have to work well in order to create a good music, or at least something that is nice to hear. And the most important part is whether it is on par to compete on stage.

I do noticed that singing live on stage and in a recording studio may cause two different results for some singers, might be due to the PA system (I don't know, I guess so). It's either the background music is too loud, and I can't hear the words clearly, or the mic itself is not making a great pact with the singer. But I have to admit, there are some songs that work well with both environment, especially for the veteran singers (their high pitch tho, it's superbbbb and to name a few, which are Malaysians; M Nasir, Dayang Nur Faizah, Ziana Zain, Sheila Majid, etc).

However, for this particular competition where the songs are meant to compete on stage, the decision made by the juries doesn't make any sense. It's like they're letting the lyrics to stand alone in the competition. Yes, the lyrics are so deep, but the performance counts too, right? If that's not the case, what is the point of having the contestants performing on stage? In fact, most of the songs are portrayed by beautiful lyrics with great meanings. Why choose a song that is not well performed (this is my personal opinion as an audience as I heard nothing other than some part of the chorus and rap) when there are better ones? The ones with awing props, great high pitch, beautiful choreography, amazing performance. I just don't get it.

And this what I meant by something that is on par to be on stage. It's not about the looks, but what a music should be like.

If you're attempting to change the flow of genres, at least pick something that could catch up with it. For me, it's not fair, as I could see the other contestants had worked so hard too. But still, all in all, you guys should know better, so there must be a reason why you're choosing them instead of the others, aren't you?