January 6, 2015

If I was given a chance to choose on what I'll do for a living in the future, photographing and travelling will definitely be my pick. Road trips and backpacking, it would be wonderful together with a camera that tags along. There are so many things to be discovered, to be awed; food, colours, places, clothes, lights, techs, structures, cultures, history, beaches. And it ain't enough if I just see them through screens by googling them.

However, you can't really survive your future based on your likings only. This isn't like the old days, I have to admit. Believe it or not, we're stuck to a system of living where grades labelled a person whether they're good or bad. And money leads to most of the things; to eat, to sleep. And that sucks.

That's why I make up my mind to go for acccounting. Well, there's a win-win situation there; I don't favour most of the subjects, but I can still manage the tense compare to what I've been through during high school. So the plan here is, I make a great amount of money, get myself out of this stupid system, and set my feet on board for an endless tour around the world (if and only if, saying it is easier than doing it *shrugs*).

Life is all about survival anyway, it's like a game that ends when you die. But still, you can't really make the right choice. There will be flaws here and there, but look at the bright side, you're learning. Not making any mistake and live in perfection is not having a life.

Follow your heart, trust your instincts. Only you know what you want to hold in your future.