March 30, 2015

They saw me as a carefree girl, maybe. Living life to the fullest, without any problem.

Tapi mereka lupa, selagi bergelar manusia yang hidup, ada hati dan perasaan.

Kadang-kadang, bukan happy pun. Sekadar nak tutup mulut orang, malas nak berkongsi. Bukan nak tunjuk kuat atau tak nak dianggap lemah, cuma malas nak tengok orang buat muka simpati.

Tapi itulah, bila muka tidak beriak, orang lupa yang aku ini manusia juga. Punya perasaan. Hentam saja dengan panahan bicara, and act like nothing had happened.

They were expecting me to smile, all the time.

They were expecting me not to cry, all the time.

Therefore, I can't express myself. What do I feel, what do I want, what do I think. It doesn't matter to them.


March 27, 2015

Sometimes it is about making someone else happy. And you'll be happy too.

I prayed for my sister to excel in her studies, and she made it. And I on the other hand, couldn't afford to get what I've been dreaming.

But I'm happy for my sister.


It's just..

It would not be this way if I work slightly harder. Maybe there will be some difference.

Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe.

If only..

Never mind.

March 19, 2015

Is it because you know that I love surprises? Yes, I do love surprises.

March 9, 2015

Life Hacks #001: Virtual Movie Date

Well, this idea actually came from my best friend. It was during our mid semester break, and the two of us wanted to watch a movie together so badly, but we're such a lazy bum to go out. Plus, we live quite far from each other, so for her to commute from her place to mine will take quite some time, which then will left us with just a few hours together and that is so not economically acceptable.

So, one day, she texted me and said, 'Why don't we both just download the movie and watch it at the same time? We can turn on our webcams, so it was as if we're watching it together.'

And it was totally a great idea, despite the fact that we missed each other by one second and the connection went crazy. But still, we had fun, and the most important thing is that we managed to watch the movie together! 

And hey, we don't have to spend on anything at all (we had some snacks though, but they were already at home, and the wifi is paid by our parents LOL). If the two of us went out for a movie, we need to spend our money for the tickets and popcorns and drinks and fares etc etc. 

So, do you find it monetarily beneficial? Yes? Well try it then! 

March 6, 2015

Kebaikan; mana orang nak nampak, mana orang nak ingat.

Yang buruk; paling nampak, paling ingat.