June 21, 2015

Dear Future Husband #001

Dear future husband,

I fall in love with the rhythm of the piano. But I don't know how to play it, I'm so stupid in learning music notes. And I don't think you can play it for me either, hahaha.

I have this dream of owning a piano in our future house, a slick black one. We can place it in the hall, under our family potrait which will be replaced each time our family grows in number.

Our child (or maybe children ghaha) would be growing up with the piano. I won't force him to like it, but maybe, if we let him (or them) touch the keys since his early years of living, he'll like it. It would be even better if it becomes his passion. I won't force him to take exams in order to earn higher grades, I just want him to know how play it.

I don't care if our child would be playing it day or night, I would be happy to listen to his melody.

We can sit on the couch together, and watch him play. We would be laughing as he struggles to find a perfect note for the song, or when he frowns as he sees the music sheet that is full of semiquavers along the bar. And he will be grumpy haha, that's for sure.

And whenever you're not around (as you're always busy anyway haha), I want to sit by his side as he plays. He'll be showing off his skills then, or maybe making a song out of silly things. And that is when he'll become a mommy's boy. I hope you won't be mad, hahaha.

So dear future husband, will you make my dream comes true?