August 25, 2015

Check yourself: Are you responsible enough to yourself, and the public?

'Excuse me sir, but do you mind queuing up?'

'I'm sorry, but I need to catch a flight.'

He then pushed his daughter forward.

'But sir, all of us are queuing up!'

He simply smiled innocently.

By the name of 'I', he means 'we'.

He managed to get inside first together with his daughter as the door opened. I quickly entered the train as it was getting occupied, and I was running late to get home. The guy then grabbed his son and mother (I guess, based on her face and appearance) from the inside. I yelped in shock, because his act has made them crashed onto me as I was stucked between them.

If you are late, it is YOUR MISTAKE. It means you are irresponsible towards yourself. That does not mean others should be responsible about it. And that does not also allow you to drag others into your mistake. Do not assume that people are going to be understandable and give you a privilege to cut the line just because your own mistake.

Recheck yourself, are you responsible enough?

August 5, 2015

Baru aku faham kenapa wujudnya lesbian.

I'm talking about emotions here, and it has nothing to do with physical attraction and what not. NO PLEASE BUANG APA YANG TAK PATUT DIFIKIRKAN. Thank you :)

Antara sebabnya ialah depa ni pun perempuan, so confirm la faham fi'il perempuan. Lagi-lagi part ayat double meaning, or the difference of their intonation in saying things or laughing.

Dangg. Why are you so complicated, dear woman?

It hits me, hard.

I was at my friend's house for an Iftar, where several families are invited. About a dozen men sat in the lounge/dining room, while an equal number of women were either in the living room or kitchen, with their children were running around the house. We had finished eating and I was having an interesting discussion with three other guys sitting at the dining table. A young women then came and started to clear up the messy table of leftovers. That's when something hit me, causing me to feel some sort of guilt and lose interest on the discussion.

I began to think that a few women did all the cooking for about 30 pax while fasting. They had prepared and even set out the food on the table, now they were cleaning up while we men talked and gulped on our drinks.

I felt that I should help out, so I got up from my chair instinctively and picked up the dirty dishes on the table and sent them to the kitchen without thinking much about it. When I handed the dishes to the girl at the sink who was washing the dishes, she said thank you while giving a big, innocent smile. After a moment of awkwardness, I realised that she thanked me because I'm a man, the only man who had broken the cultural norms by helping out the women of the house, which was also a guest. I wondered how many men had thanked the women for the cooking, cleaning and house chores for hours and the girl had thanked me for just bringing in a couple of dishes. I continued to clear the table with three rounds of back and forth from the dining room to the kitchen, while ignoring all the stares. Finally, I wiped the table with a cloth, not giving a damn to anyone's thought.

Our society norms treat women as servants, which is totally wrong. My belief to assist the women with cleaning was reinforced by a Hadith that narrated a time when Muhammad s.a.w. visited his daughter named Fatima at her house. He commanded Ali r.a. to help her with the cooking. Real men don't get the women to do all the house chores for them, a real man helps the women out instead. A real man has balls to break the cultural norm to set out an example for the other guys.

Have these kind of men extinct?

August 3, 2015

Perfect parenting #Part2

Geng, did you notice the #Part2 that is written up there? So this is the continuation from the previous post about perfect parenting. Apa? Yang mana satu? Alahai, nah link: Haaaa sat lagi datang sini balik lololollll.

Okay, back to topic.

Perasan tak, parents nowadays dah biasakan anak depa dengan gadgets? Tak kesah la gadget apa pun, semua budak-budak ni dah reti pegang; phone, tablet, or phablet. Even babies pun dah reti mintak tau, magawshh!

Situasi 1: Makan in public areas

'Mama, nak iPad.'

Laju ayat tu keluar dari mulut si kecil. Punggung tu baru je sentuh kerusi, tangan pun tak sempat angkat lagi nak panggil waiter. Dah jadi rutin agaknya, dah dibiasakan.

Parents pun sama naik je. Duduk, keluarkan phone, and scroll social medias. Mana la anak tak mengikut.

Haa lagi satu hal, kalau anak menangis kat meja makan. Laju je tangan swipe the screen to unlock it, buka game, then pass kat anak bagi dia main. For sure la budak tu senyap, game kot come on, budak mana tak suka main game. Ataupun bila tak nak anak buat restoran tu macam dia punya playground; main sorok-sorok belakang kerusi atau bawah meja, takpun main lari-lari acah marathon gitu. Again, the gadgets save the day nak suruh kanak-kanak riang ni duduk diam-diam.

Well, yes, I have to admit, it is the fastest way to calm the children down. But hey, you're there with your family to eat right? To spend the so-called quality time together, then why did you let the gadgets butt in your way?

Aku teringat dulu masa kecik-kecik, pa ngan ma dah biasakan aku adik-beradik untuk behave dekat meja makan, tak kiralah kat rumah atau kat luar. Jangan ada yang nak buat hal kat meja makan (e.g. aku suka kopek kerang and susun tepi pinggan, BUT my dear brother akan cilok erghh, for sure tercetusnya pergaduhan comel di situ), free je kena sound dengan pa. Jangankan nak menangis atau berlari keliling meja, berebut makanan pun dah kena marah. Nak tak nak kena la behave. Tapi kan, looking at the bright side, that is how we learn table manners, though dengan cara yang tegas. And the result? Bila dah besar ni, aku tak boleh tengok tengok budak-budak main kat area orang makan, or menangis kat dining table. Fuhh, dia punya tahap nak tabahkan hati tu Tuhan je yang tau.

Situasi 2: In the car

Bila nak balik kampung, or any long distance journey, gadgets diberi kepada anak untuk dijadikan teman. Depa kata nanti bila budak-budak dah bosan duduk dalam kereta lama sangat, they'll be cranky, thus mula la adegan kacau adik-beradik lalu bergaduh dan berakhir dengan tangisan.

Uish kalau budak menangis dalam kereta, jangan tanya perasaan dia macam mana. Space dalam kereta yang seciput tu tak terlawan dengan desibel tangisan seorang anak kecil. 

Tapi kan, ada je tau cara lain tak nak bagi anak bosan dalam kereta.

While driving, interact dengan anak yang duduk di belakang (yashh bonding time!). Not about their lives, but the things around you at that moment. Contoh; pokok yang ada kat kiri kanan highway, atau pasal kereta yang potong kereta korang. Make it like some sort of fun facts to tell. Sekali pun kau takde idea the heck benefits pokok tu untuk manusia, create a base for them to root their imagination, and let it go wild. Biarlah tak logik pun, let them think instead of tutup minda kanak-kanak ni dengan kewujudan gadgets.

Oh, one thing that my father did with my brother masa dia mula-mula belajar alphabets and numbers, he asked him to write the number plate for all the cars (or other vehicles) yang potong atau yang pa potong. Cool, huh? Sampai tertidur dia kat sebelah sebab penat menulis, lol!


Those are a few situations yang aku perasan, ada banyak lagi sebenarnya.

Entah la, I'm not yet in the parenthood-thing, might be I am not the right person to talk about this. Mungkin korang as parents akan kata 'kau takde anak lagi dik, kau tak tahu macam mana susahnya nak jaga budak ni'. But, the things that I've written is based on what my parents had set for us during our childhood days. And maybe the biggest difference is the moment itself; masa tu gadgets dah ada, tapi belum diperluaskan kegunaannya, dan belum lagi tahap mampu milik macam sekarang.

Dear parents, believe in creativity. It doesn't mean you have to buy art tools and all to be creative, you just need to use all our senses and what you can find around you. 

Hands on; let them see, touch, smell, hear and feel the things around them. You'll be suprised to find that your children are actually extra-ordinary, it's just that you have to lay out the channels, and let them explore freely.