August 25, 2015

Check yourself: Are you responsible enough to yourself, and the public?

'Excuse me sir, but do you mind queuing up?'

'I'm sorry, but I need to catch a flight.'

He then pushed his daughter forward.

'But sir, all of us are queuing up!'

He simply smiled innocently.

By the name of 'I', he means 'we'.

He managed to get inside first together with his daughter as the door opened. I quickly entered the train as it was getting occupied, and I was running late to get home. The guy then grabbed his son and mother (I guess, based on her face and appearance) from the inside. I yelped in shock, because his act has made them crashed onto me as I was stucked between them.

If you are late, it is YOUR MISTAKE. It means you are irresponsible towards yourself. That does not mean others should be responsible about it. And that does not also allow you to drag others into your mistake. Do not assume that people are going to be understandable and give you a privilege to cut the line just because your own mistake.

Recheck yourself, are you responsible enough?