September 28, 2015

Dear Future Husband #002

You know what, saya seboleh-bolehnya tak nak pakai the word 'busy' when it comes to you, because you are one of my priorities too. I should have enough time for my work, family and some other things, and also you, saya masih lagi dalam fasa tak reti bahagi masa dengan sebaiknya (Main reason: Too much time spent on sleep and phone, and distracted by tv when I'm home. Tak cukup kuat to say no to all those things). Bila nak bagitau awak yang saya tengah buat something, selalu sangat lupa haiyoo.

Believe me, I know how it feels when someone says that he's busy. Hahahaha! Dia macam, zupp terasa kat dada sekejap (please weh ayat kau drama sangat lol).

But there will be moments yang sangat tak dapat nak dielakkan. Piles of work waiting to be done, if we take now as an example; endless homework, assignments, preparation for presentations, proposals and projects, quizzes and tests (gatai nak bercinta masa study siapa suruh hahaha). Saya teringat awak selalu merajuk dengan saya yang selalu hilang macam biskut; bila dah start buat something, apa pun tak ingat. Hahahaha I'm so sorry for that.

Bila awak highlight yang awak suka the quality times we've had, I'm flattered. Bukan apa sangat pun, spending a few minutes in a day to check on you whether you're okay, or a few hours in a week to listen to each other's. Well, I've started to enjoy calling you randomly now; short, but sweet? Hahahahaha! Or maybe bila dah lama sangat tak jumpa, we can order a 6-inch sandwich each and sit somewhere, and start talking endlessly.

My point is that, I've started to realise that it's not the length of time we spent talking to each other that matters. It's the quality of the time that counts. Seeing you in person in a proper place (bukan habiskan most of the time in the train lol) means a lot more most of the time (tapi takde la bermaksud selalu sangat jumpa, nanti tak sempat rindu, eh ye ke, hahahahahaha jangan tipu, eh eh gataii).