October 28, 2015

Visit Malaysia #005: Melaka Again, with the Es

This time, kita pergi dengan gegirl Eminent weeheeeeeee!! Ni memang random plan, geng pun random hahahaha

Aida: Mijah, kau free tak?
Me: Awat? Class la cam biasa.
Aida: Melaka jom? Ngan Mang, Melly sekali.
Me: Aaaaaa on je la.

Depa tengah cuti sem. Therefore, I skipped my Friday class. Muehehehehehe

Here, I present to youuuuuuu, the FOUR LOLOLOLOLLLL

Aida; the drebar
MangJi; sidekick Aida
Melloy; tukang bising
And me; pemberat kereta wahahaha
So we started our trip with WATERPARKKKKKKK! Who does not love waterpark (you must hate bathing too ewwww sit away from me hahaha)? Haritu dah pergi ngan geng kolej, so this time, dah tahu where to go muehehehe.. Banyak amek video sebab Aida bawak Gopro (mannnnn it is so cool dohh, got to have one soon). 

Family raft yang melipat orang
We went to almost all slides, except for the one yang tinggi gila and super steepppp, ada yang rasa nak meninggal nanti hahaha! Tu pun, ada this one slide nama dia Ice-cream (a cone-shape slide at the end and it's bigg), ketaq lutut bila keluar daripada float and we almost had a heart attack. Oh oh and there is this one slide named Family Raft (it's a big flat raft-like float), it is fun, tapi mini heart attack kat situ sebab dia terkejut-kejut bila dia macam nak lipat-lipat kitorang dalam tu.

We stayed for about 5 hours before we gave up. Oh, before I forgot, we spent around RM 40 for each ticket (adult price), which included lunch. We rented a big locker that cost us RM 12 per usage, and 2 double tube (8-shape) which cost RM 11 each and RM 10 for deposit.

Next stop, Pantai Klebangggggggggg!!

Seronok sangat kejar bubbles
Plan asal nak pergi bukit pasir, tapi ada air bertakung tengah jalan. Ada je kereta lalu, but we didn't want to spoil this trip. That is when we saw this bubble thingy. Masa beli tu ada mengadu kat pakcik yang jual tu yang kitorang tak dapat pergi situ.

Pakcik: Tak payah la pergi nak, awak semua perempuan. Dah petang dah pun ni, kejap lagi Maghrib.

Terpempan sekejap kat situ. Baru perasan, kitorang terlampau syok sangat bersuka-ria, sampai lupa untuk jaga diri. Thank you pakcik! We had fun anyway with the bubbles.

We then decided to check in the hotel that we've booked earlier, as Magrhrib will be approaching soon. Jeng jeng jeng.. Guess what? Bila sampai je hotel, receptionist tu tak bagi check in. Reason? We booked a 2-person room where we're actually 4! Dangggg student kot come on. Beria aku ngan Aida call operator booking.com to cancel it, selamba bagi alasan ada emergency. Memang emergency la, mana nak tidoq malam tu woi adehh. Nasib baik boleh, apa lagi terus chiao ah.

Jadi, bermulalah misi pencarian tempat tidur malam ni. Mang navigate, Aida drive, Melly tengok keliling kot-kot ada hotel yang boleh redah, aku usha balik hotel online. Bila cari yang murah, banyak yang jenis dorm and the bathroom is not detached. Gilaa kau memang tak ah. We went to 2 hotels already, harga walk-in lari jauh dari bajet. Aida dah bersandar.

Aida: Kita try cari satu lagi.
Mang: Kalau takde? Balik KL?
Aida: Aku mintak tolong ayah aku la kot hahaha

Last try, search kat area Banda Hilir. Jumpa satu, dekat dengan Dataran Pahlawan, and still lari daripada bajet. But, semua setuju untuk duduk situ, takkan nak balik KL kot hahahaha.. Kira okay la, tak la banyak sangat lari, plus dalam RM 100 from our original budget for a room with 2 queen-size bed, and the most important is with a detached bathroom, siap ada water heater weh, luas pulak tu. In fact, dah dekat dengan tempat-tempat nak pusing esok, compared to the one yang kitorang booked before. Takde la banyak buang masa for travelling.

Lepas check in, we went out for dinner (more to supper actually because it's 10+). Andddd we met our headboy, as he saw Mang checked in Melaka through Swarmapp.
Kat KL takde pulak nak jumpa LOL
After a good (soundly) sleep, kita jalan-jalan!!!! We parked in front of Menara Taming Sari and simply walked around, random visits to the places. Oh, the parking ticket was just RM 5 for the whole day, it's totally worth it. You can park anywhere in Melaka with the ticket.

The first place that we went is Menara Taming Sari where we're given a chance to ride and view 360 degrees throughout Banda Hilir. As it was still early (we're among the first customers haha), the queue was not that long yet. The ticket was RM 15 each (student price with myKad), and they even gave us 2 packs which each contains a water bottle and snacks. The ride was about 7 minutes and we're given a briefing about all the exciting places around the tower throughout the ride.

Aida main-main dengan statues
dalam Muzium Samudera
Next, we headed to Muzium Samudera, which is located near to the tower. The museum itself was  built as a replica of Flor de la Mar, a Portuguese ship, which was  always related to Afonso de Albuquerque. The replica represented  Malacca's dominance in maritime during its golden era. With only  RM 5 per entry, we're free to discover all the exhibits on our own. It also provided the visitors with a gadget that will brief you about all the exhibits.

I was so into the wooden sculpture, it's such a beaut.

Not to forget, the River Cruise, which is next to the museum . It was so fun, and we only need to share the boat with another family. It was a great ride, with all the murals on each side of the river. We even passed a few kampungs, the red painted Dutch buildings and many others. This was when we realised how clean Melaka is, compared to KL. It's not that the garbage bin was everywhere, some were still in walking distance, but they managed to keep the city clean along with the great management by the city council.


We keep on touring around Melaka, and we ended up heading toward the Stadthuys. These red buildings symbolised Melaka, and there were a lot of tourists from all over the world (I heard someone talking in Korean, and maybe Russian too).

I personally love this shot
Here are some of the cool sculptures.

Waiting for the next leader I guess? (cue for the one now to beware LOL)
I'm not so sure what does this mean, but I think it has something to do with people nowadays and technology 
We then headed up to the Fort as it will be dawn soon. Not much info to understand what it's all about, but I love the way it was built. The bricks were left without being covered with cement, it's so cool.
In the fort
There were a lot of trishaws that were nicely decorated (there were some with Frozen theme too!) as we went down from the Fort.

The decorations for the beca was so coollllll and the pakcik was  nice too

That night, we strolled along Jonker Walk after having dinner with Melly's family. It was like pasar malam, and the hawkers were mostly Chinese. There were a few craft shops too that sell crafty artworks and handmade stuffs.

The next day, we visited the 3D Art Museum before heading back to KL. The arts were so alive, and the best part was there were marks for each art that show which angle to make it look like a 3D.

Andddd here is some of the results.

Our attempt to make 'a Beatles-like walk but someone fall in the middle'
Melly: Pahal kau boleh keluar pulak ni??
Mang: Sebab aku ada super power muehehehe
Trapped in a glass
The Majestic Mang with no cape lololololol
Eh eh tak maluuuuu usha orang
With that, it marks the end of our girls getaway. Full of randomness, yet so fun.

Reminiscing our moments in school, danggggg we really miss it. All the fun together.

3 days and 2 nights with them, terubat sikit rindu tu maybe?

Let's do this again, shall we?

October 22, 2015


You can't expect a guy will turn out to be just like what you've been watched on TV, or maybe in the movies.

Those characters have been created well, they are meant to portray perfection; handsome, charming, full of common sense. On the other hand, those in real life will be lacking here and there, because that is how a human is supposed to be; no one on this Earth is created to be perfect.

I've just realised that the producers are trying to put us into real life fantasies; to make us dream of a prince charming to exist. If they didn't put such show on, no one would be watching it then LOL

October 17, 2015

Oblivion: To be remembered

I've watched 'The Fault in Our Stars' for quite a number of times. But last night,  when I watched it again, I could not stop from thinking about a term that has feared Augustus Waters. It's oblivion. Why? Because it hits me hard.

"I am mad. I am mad because I think you are special and is that not enough? You think that the only way to lead a meaningful life is for everyone to remember you, for everyone to love you. But guess what, Gus? This is your life. This is all you get. You get me and you get your family and you get this world and that's it. Amd if that's not enough for you then.. I'm sorry but it's not nothing. Because I love you. And I'm going to remember you."
- Hazel Grace Lancaster 

Deep inside, I want people to acknowledge my presence. To be famous, to be known by many, to be admired. How childish that dream is. I tend to stalk some famous people, from public figure to Insta-famous. I tried to capture their way of bringing themselves, the way that make people recognise them even from afar.

Until last night, a thought came and hit my mind. Why on earth did I want to be known by them? Will their admiration benefit me or dragging me down instead? Isn't those who are with me all these while ain't enough?

I started not to focus on the movie, and immersed into a very deep thought.

I hate history throughout my life, yet I want people to remember me. Funny isn't it?

As I dug into my blanket, I thought of my family. Pa has been working so hard for years, just to make sure our life will not be hard as his. Ma left her job, and took care the three of us since we were babies. Abang; he's a total pain in the ass, but he will be there for me despite his bebel. And adik; she is such a darling, and I could never trade her with anything.

Then I thought of my friends. I've maintained a very good relationship with most of my friends, that is a relief. My best friend since kindergarten. And suprisingly, I am still contacting my friends from the primary years, and I could not describe the beauty of the bond. As for my secondary years, I do keep in touch with a few; those that understand me well and are cool with that. I make more friends as I joined for volunteer work. And finally, I have more while in college, and a new best friend too (though most people say that you will not have any friend while studying for professional paper, I'm proving that the fact is wrong LOL).

And I have a boyfriend too *smirk* (not going to elaborate on this booooo buhbye)

I was blinded by all the 'good' views on being famous. Stupid me *sigh*

Right before I close my eyes, I prayed silently that I am thankful to Him for giving me a chance to get to know these people and live a life with them, and for Him to keep them at ease.

October 12, 2015

Aku ada satu masalah; tak percaya dengan hasil kerja orang lain.

Entah. Nak kata aku ni perfectionist, tak la sangat. But siapa yang tak suka benda yang elok dan proper?

Tapi bila dah tahap tak boleh go dengan apa yang orang lain buat, aku sangat bermasalah untuk berkerja secara berkumpulan.


October 5, 2015

Benda yang paling aku takut; bila mak kandung boleh ada rasa menyampah tengok anak sendiri. Lagi teruk kalau dia dah mula membenci.