November 21, 2015

Balloon, and I

Balloon has always attracted me with its super duper strong force. In fact, whenever I see free balloon giveaways, I'll be right there queing up together with children (most of the time, depends on the situation lol). Hahaha yup, I don't give a damn.

But, it won't stay long with me. It is not because of it popped or flew away, but I could not bear the toddlers's eyes eyeing on the balloon in my possession. You know, those kind of eyes that say 'please give me the balloon'.

So, I'll hold on to it until I head home. Can you see the struggles? I have to endure those eyes (I CANNOT STAND THEIR PLEADING EYES BECAUSE THEY ARE JUST TOO ADORABLE AND AAAAAA I'M SUCH A SOFTIE DEMMIT) all way long.

Yesterday, there was a free balloon giveaway. But, I did not join the crowd because there are so many children waiting for the lady to give them each a balloon. My friends, however, managed to grab two of them. I was like whaaaat and she said, 'I took it for you okay' (MUEHEHEHE MY FRIENDS HAVE KNOWN ME TOO WELL FOR THIS HIHIHI). I'm so happy, and ignored everything around me.

I thought of bringing it home, but as I went down the escalator and heading to the carpark, I saw a girl with her brother and parents, waiting for the lift. I showed my balloon to her, and she nodded with a big smile. As I handed her the balloon, she said 'Thank you aunty'. Glad that I could make a child happy.

p/s: Aunty pun boleh lololololollllll