December 10, 2015

Robe Day

It has been 2 weeks since my graduation, and I've finished CAT in December 2014 (yup, it is almost a year already LOLOLLLL). And this late post is due to my final exam that has just finished yesterday (DON'T YOU DARE TO SPOIL MY HOLIDAY BY ASKING HOW WAS IT HOHOHO), mianhe!

Honestly, I did not feel the heat of graduating, even when the invitation letter came into my family's mailbox. It was my parents that were so excited about it, asking me about what to wear, or have I paid for the graduation pack already, and chanting about it for weeks. I guess it is because the finals is just around the corner (can you imagine? Exactly a week after graduation, that's crazy!), so I don't really bother about it.

It remains that way until the day itself, as I woke up that morning, and looked at my baju kurung. It's a mix of white, black and copper brown, with orange as the theme colour. Then I took a look at my robe, I've ironed it last night together with the orange hood (it's the colour of my faculty).

'Okay, it's today,' I murmured to myself.

I got up, showered, and did my Subuh prayer. My family was getting themself ready too. I slipped into my clothes, and all of sudden, I could feel it.

We reached PICC around 7.20, and I was supposed to be at Level 2 at 7.15. I simply took the lift (it was reserved for the VIPs, but who cares, the VIPs were not here yet), as I know it would take me a lot of time as I was wearing heels. Yes, I repeat, HEELS.
Too excited LOL
As I reached Level 2, I saw my friends and they were so busy working on the hood. And taking pictures hahaha
Then, the ceremony began, we're the first session for the graduation.
Forgive my Abang for the shakiness haha

My hands were all sweaty before I got on stage. Miss DD was there, guiding us, and she patted my shoulder and said that everything will be fine.

Perfect timing by Abang
Say hello to the Minister 
I nailed it! Great shot by the official photographer woohoo
I guess the main reason I was not really into celebrating my graduation is because I was expecting Ma will be on stage on behalf of me. That was my dream since the result for CAT Semester 1 had been released in August 2013. I could not fulfill my own dream.

HAAAAAA curi bunga kitaaaaaaaa
But as my parents were really excited about it, especially Pa, the pain healed. I was so glad that Pa was happy, really happy I could say. It went the same for the rest of my family.

My strength, my happiness, my everything
Well, I ain't going to stop. ACCA, here I come.