April 10, 2016

I wish

You may leave this site and do not come again if you could not bear the lovey-dovey part of my writing LOL

Well, I won't write much. It's not that I do not want to share the feelings I've bottled up inside as I read the texts in the photos below, but it seems that I had a hard time to express them into words.

'I wish' is often chanted when someone is putting high hopes on something. But my dear, have you ever realise that all the things that we've wish for will never turn out well in reality most of the time. It's either we will get something close to it, not getting it at all, or the worst part is when we get it in the opposite state.

But we're reminded to keep on wishing, and dreaming.


p/s: I am not asking anybody to change. I just need a person to be there and hear me out. That's all.