May 31, 2016

Let me inspire you, soon

I was touched by Faizal Tahir's performance in AJL 30. It was an everyday-song I should say, a norm to hear it on the radio. But, he'd brought something different on stage that night.

(I'm supposed to study for my finals LOLOLOLOLLLLLL....)


Aku sebak. Like totally sebak. And from this performance I was dragged to another video of the same song, but this time he sang it for the Syrian refugees. Towards the end, one of the children suddenly cried. Faizal Tahir sang a Malay song (I'm pretty sure that is the first time they heard it), yet it touched the child's heart. And it touched mine as well. Bergenang woiiiii..

I've seen him during his past (he's not wild or what not, but I think you can imagine how an adult behaves in his early years of adulthood), and seeing him involving in this kind of mission makes me think why can't I do something like that.

In fact, I met Ida yesterday. She's my some sort of 'supervisor' during my 6 months in Petro. Apparently she had quit her job as a science communicator, and now is serving MERCY Malaysia. She'd always been a hero that saves animals, and now she involves in saving human's life.

I guess it's time to realise that it is not about money berkepuk-kepuk after all. How should I start then?