November 30, 2016

"From appreciation grew to respect.
Respect grew to like.
Then like grew to love.

A deeper love than I could ever hope for.

Give him a chance.

Maybe you don't like him now, but maybe you might love him later."

- Mary's Dad, The Wedding Planner (2001)

November 3, 2016

Meet my Nyet

Let me introduce you to my best friend; Aliah the Awesome (yes she called herself that lololollll jk she is awesome).

If you've known me through college, then you must recognise her as she is like my ultimate sidekick. We're only separated lately as erm erm our paths are different? Hahahahah nahhh not really much different actually, it's just that each of us has our own pace.

Since the first day we met, we never talk about graduating together, or what to do next in the future (except I did applied to be her housemate kakakakakakakaka but she always said that she needs to think about it first hewhew how dare you?!!). I guess that's because we're living the moment? Hahahaha!

But, when it comes to the day that our results for the final semester of CAT came out, it hit me hard. Like real hard. Why? Because we've been together for about 1 and a half years but when she's stucked there, I had to move on by myself. That is when I started to regret that we didn't talk about that dream of ours to finish this together.

She insisted me to move on with ACCA, but that doesn't mean I'm leaving her just like that. I am a terrible teacher I must say, but I still helped her with my notes and encouragement (although that means tears involved too hahaha you'll never want to know about it).

And now, she's here. We're back together now, and going through the same path.

Aliah, we have different pace but the same goal, so keep on going. I'll keep on pulling you forward so that both of us can make through this. I love you, buddy.