September 21, 2017

I still remember our first date.

I was so nervous, but masa tu we were not that lovey dovey ke apa kan. K la lets not call it our first date. It was the first time that we met after more than a year of not seeing each other.

We went to a book fest?! Lol! How nerd.. But still, we chatted between the rows of books. I'm with vampires and some motivational books, and you're with some mystery books if I'm not mistaken.

Our first eating spot was a mamak restaurant. Cheapskate gila ya ampun hahahaha tapi tu la dua dua lapar and The Mines was so packed with people. We went outside instead, hence the mamak it was. K tak cheapskate gak la, you paid for both meals; mine and yours. Lol so gentleman of you *smirk*.

I remembered that I ordered maggi goreng, and me being nervous and shit, I couldn't finish my meal (dalam hati cakap 'mesti mat ni judge aku sejenis yang membazir when in reality aku la si pelahap wahahaha'). But yet, you just smiled and asked me if I'm ready to head home, without saying anything about the unfinished food (ceh tunjuk baik la tu konon lol k tak dia baik k sampai sekarang still baik hahaha).

Being 19 years old, we were not pampered with cars by our families (andddddd I didn't have my licence yet anyway *rolled eyes*) so we took public transport. Again, being such a gentleman, he accompanied me all the way to TBS. It was almost 6 if I'm not mistaken (or around that hour). Then only he said that he had promised his friends (who were actually somewhere closed to us) that he'll be heading back to his hostel with them and at that moment they are on their way to TBS.

It was a hard goodbye, because we didn't know when will be the next time that we'll see each other.


Today is the 22nd day of September in 2017, and he turns 22 today.

Yesterday was the nth time of our random dates, and I bet he's glad that I didn't cancel it like I always did before lol! In fact, he had to wait for me to finish attending to emails and stuffs for my upcoming event. He sat patiently in front of me, behind my laptop's screen. It was about half an hour, and as I shut down my laptop, I could see his smile. A broad, cheeky smile.

He must be so hungry. As I looked at the time, it was half past 1. Lunch time was about to over.
Dating me is not easy eyy? 
Well dating you is not easy too *smirk*, so lets not talk about it shall we?

Nothing in the mall came to his interest in order for us to fill our tummies, so we moved to the next mall and had 3 plates of main dish on our table.

Writing has been our forté, but seeing each other eye to eye while talking is wayyyyy more different than Whatsapp. Maybe because it summed up emotions, body language, gestures and many more with the stories/messages that we're telling each other, so it lifted up the mood to another higher level. And it is a lot more better with food that came along (read: fatty couple).

From my Pahang short trip to his plan for his final year project, then to his technical stuffs and my upcoming events. There's a lot more, and they all fit in those 2 hours. Padat.

This time around we realised that it's not about how special our birthday celebrations should be, because our friends and families had done a splendid job in it. But our time together is more valuable, regardless of surprise or no surprise in celebrating our special days because our time is limited.
In the end, we shared the joy that our families and friends had brought to us.


I am thankful that he understands when I choose my family and friends before him, when workloads overlapped our dates, when my endless exams are around the corner during his semester breaks. Yes, there has been times that it seems like everything is before him and he almost walk away, but I guess blank spaces between us can't be left for too long (ye ye je kau eh tapi betul la dia mai balik haha thank youuu).

Dear you, lets finish up with what we're going through right now (complaints are allowed no worries but still, keep going ehh), making our parents happy and proud.

Happy 22nd Birthday!